Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lots going on!!

Hello peeps! Long time no chit chat! Well there's been a lot going on!

First things first, I didn't have to go Hypothyroid after all since I found some of the elusive meds at the hospital pharmacy so that was a relief! But silly me decided to do the injections on the Monday and Tuesday of the week of Good first this wouldn't look like a big deal, but when you find out that there is only ONE lab open in the entire city on Good Friday it becomes an issue.

But I asked the specialist if it was at all possible to get my blood taken on the Thursday before and he was cool with that, so in the end it all worked out....but now that I think of it, he didn't call me with the should probably call him....hmmm...

Onto the next topic! We have sold our house and are moving! Where exactly is still kind of in the air since we haven't walked into a house yet that has screamed TAKE ME!!!! So the search continues...but we are very excited about this next chapter in our lives.

I have a cousin who has been diagnosed with a very serious cancer and so I have been trying to wrap my mind around writing him a letter so that has been pre-occupying my mind lately in hopes that he will actually read it and also try to come up with something that might actually help him, even in a little way...the letter is now sent and if nothing else he will know that he is being thought of...

On the crafting's been nothing but crickets, but I have managed to add to "THE STASH" at a charity yarn/fabric sale that was brought to my attention via the classified ads at work...needless to say it was somewhat of a gong show but my SIL and I managed to score some pretty great (and some not so great) stuff for super cheap! Now to create!!!!

I will give my Dr. a call next week (maybe ;) and let you know what he says about my bloodwork!

Ciao for now!!