Monday, December 3, 2012 I love thee

I don't think I need to explain to anyone who is on Pinterest that it's FABULOUS! It has the ability to make the un-crafty to become crafty, the crafty to become overwhelmed with ideas and possibilities, the un-organized to be inspired to get things in order and can even motivate us to become pretty great cooks!

I have been notorious for pinning anything and everything on my profile that looks good, or reminds me of someone, would be nice to do or make, etc. and never doing anything with all of those amazing pins....until yesterday!!!

Last night T and I decided to whip something was super easy and had just 2 ingredients in it...that's my kinda baking! It also intrigued me to see if it actually worked and tasted good.

This is what we started with...

Step #1: Mix pineapple with Angel food cake mix.

Step #2: Watch it become frothy

Step #3: Pour into pan and stick it in the oven at 350F for 30 minutes

The finished result...VOILA!

Pineapply Angel Food golden goodness!!! Now, if you don't really like angel food cake or pineapple then I guess this isn't for you, but I really enjoy it...and it's a nice sweet snack that is pretty much guilt free...or way less guilt than the double chocolate something or other I was wanting to make too :)

All in all, I got to get my bake on with Miss T and it didn't make a ton of mess or take a long time so that is always a bonus. Great experience :)

Thanks Pinterest!

Next up for this Mom...meal planning!!