Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ferguson Daily Deed

A couple of months ago I decided to implement a simple concept in our house and called it the Ferguson Daily Deed. I wrote out the days of the week on our whiteboard and started picking one thing to put beside every day of the week. Something that seriously needs to be done or organized in the house with the hopes that if ONE thing got done each day it would help with the harmony in the house. So we were really diligent...for the first little bit...and!

Really we always seem to have the best of intentions and then it all seems to head south. Well, tonight I have started up the ol' Ferguson Daily Deed board once again. Tonight it was the pantry...blahhhhh!!! I was tired of not being able to close the door, have boxes and boxes of stuff on the floor, stuff just thrown in there and balanced precariously on something else...etc, etc...

I threw out so much stuff it was truly unbelievable.It's amazing how fantastic I feel knowing that SOMETHING was completed today around the house. After I expressed my relief today to Mike he said it made him happy too since a happy Mommy/Tracy is a happy household. LOL

My recycling bin in the back is now full and I have a functional pantry once again....oh and guess what?? I found a rogue soother buried along with the 2nd cordless phone that has been missing for at least the past 18 months....!!!!!

I would have taken a pic of the before and after, but I seem to have misplaced my camera  :S
Guess we'll have to add "search for camera" onto the list of this week's daily deeds!!

It's all about the baby steps my friends and I am trying my best to make the chaos in this house all come together!


  1. Good for you!! I too am trying something similar... but I haven't gotten anywhere yet!

  2. Sounds like something that might need to be implemented here.