Monday, November 2, 2009

One Year Ago...

I was waiting in the hospital for my C-section to meet our new little man!! I was CONVINCED that the ultrasound tech was wrong and he was going to come out a girl and we all got a good laugh at that in the operating room when they were prepping me. Like the nurses said, it definitely wouldn't have been the first time it happened!

But at 1:14 p.m. on Sunday Nov. 2nd 2008 Caleb Bennett Ferguson made his grand entrance. (Insert massive amounts of tears here) Mike got some pretty sweet pics which may disturb some viewers of them pulling him out of my abdomen but it was kinda neat that the doc let him take them.

What an amazing moment. I just wanted to hold him and kiss him. It had already felt like we had been through so much together. He was my angel. The reason I went to the doctor and the reason they found the cancer. I don't quite know how to explain it, for there were no words to describe our journey. He made it all OK for a while. I totally forgot about the cancer and was just in awe of him.

I am amazed at how fast this year has gone by and how much he has grown and changed. I wish I could keep all my kids small (minus the temper tantrums of course) and today is especially hard for me because my BABY (I mean it this more kids for us) is ONE and we will never experience the baby moments again. So, although I am excited that Caleb is learning new things everyday and becoming his own little person I am also sad for the very same reasons. Maybe it's because I feel like I missed large chunks of the past year with him and life seems to go by faster with each child you have. I guess this is just another reason why we all have to cherish all the time we have with these little reflections of ourselves because before we know it, they will be all grown up!

Happy Birthday my little man, you are such a joy to have and be around. You are the smiliest kid I have ever met and so loving. Thank you for being part of our family and for letting all of us love you!!!

Everything happens for a reason and everyone is here for a reason. I firmly BELIEVE that.

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