Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cockroaches anyone?

Ever since I have started doing the daily blog thing I find myself walking through my day trying to think of something to write about or when I stumble upon something, trying to remember it. So needless to say there has been a lot of thoughts going through this head, none of which I can remember! LOL

Tonight was filled with plastic cockroach hunting. Taylor is doing a report at school on insects and she chose to do the cockroach so I thought it would be cool to find some plastic cockroach looking things that we could stick to her poster board to create some 3D visual stimulation. Sounds pretty easy eh? WRONG! Turns out it was a bad idea because you can't find them ANYWHERE. We found spiders, worms and butterflies. Then we found tubes filled with farm animals, safari animals, and even insect ones but of course none of those insects even remotely looked like a cockroach. RIDICULOUS! I seem to recall seeing bags of insects practically everywhere over the past few years and now all of a sudden, not ONE store has them! Amazing how that happens. So now Taylor is going to make some of her own cockroaches out of pipe cleaners. She's such a problem solver!

As mentioned yesterday I have come down with a cold that our 2 little ones have so graciously passed on to me and this sore throat is freaking me out! It's silly I know but everytime I get sick or some kind of pain or whatnot happens in the general area of my neck I FREAK! Then the mind starts going..."oh no, is it just a cold or is it something else? Should I get it checked out or am I just being a weirdo? Uh oh it's not getting better, maybe it IS something else..." Crazy right? Well, welcome to my head!

We really are our own worst enemy sometimes...

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  1. ummmm ya... cause cockroaches are gross!!!! Why else would anyone want them!!!!!!

    Hope you are better soon - seems to have hit my kids too.