Monday, May 3, 2010

Soccer Mom - 2010 edition begins

The plan for the day was pretty straight forward...go to work, come home, get the kids to soccer, come home and get them ready for bed. Seems pretty stress my head!

Today was day 1 of soccer season 2010. Mike decided to coach Taylor's team this year which is on Monday and Wednesday nights and we put Rachel in for her first year and she is on Monday nights. So, unfortunately Mike will miss out on all of Rachel's games and I will only be able to make it to half of Taylor's games, but oh well, as long as they're having fun.

I walk in the door from work and Sobey's with a chicken, salad and buns and immediately start running around trying to figure out who has been fed, who hasn't, and who doesn't want to eat. LOL. Then it was "Taylor, where are your soccer shoes?" Followed by a "I don't know, you put them somewhere", then a "Taylor, you just had them, where did you put them?".............."oh here they are, behind something" (go figure!)

Rachel is running around trying to understand why Taylor has her soccer shirt already and she doesn't and Caleb is just getting excited because he sees everyone getting their stuff on so immediately he thinks he's going much fun!

Auntie Rebekah had come over to watch Caleb while I ran Rachel to soccer because the weather was horrible with the impending rain and the horrible wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I couldn't bear to leave him here when he was so excited so he came along with us...that and Rachel looked at Rebekah and said "You coming to my soccer field?" Then without giving her a chance to respond she said "Ya, you are!" Discussion ended and we were all apparently going to soccer.

Now I remember vividly going to Taylor's very first game of soccer when she was 4 and for the entire hour she stood in the middle of the field and either sulked or cried. But wouldn't move from that spot so everyone had to play around her. So tonight I asked Uncle Paul to come along for the maiden soccer game for Rachel because Mike couldn't be there and I figured that maybe he would be able to bust her out of her shell if she started to turtle like Taylor did.

So there we all were freezing in the horrible weather trying to get everyone organized with their team and their fields. Surprisingly Rachel went and joined her team at first but that was the end of the voluntary cooperation. She talked to no one and just wanted to stand there and hold onto her soccer ball. But at least she wasn't crying right?

After 20 agonizing minutes we decided to pack it in and go home. We will try again next week and hopefully the weather is a whole lot better and she won't be so shy...but it's all about the baby steps! The one thing she does love about soccer so far is her soccer jersey...and if at the end of season that's still the only thing she likes then that's ok too!!

As for Mike's coaching debut, all things seemed to go without a hitch other than all of these petite girls wearing HUGE jerseys but they ended up winning their game 2-0 so they are off to a great start!!

I had almost forgotten how crazy things are during soccer season...but it's a good kinda crazy!

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