Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gonna give it a whirl

Well, I'm going to try my best to make this work....the every day blog! While I was visiting with one of my super awesome friends we got to talking about our blogs and I confessed to her that the reason I don't blog all the time is because I feel like I'm depressing everyone...which isn't my intention obviously! But I do really appreciate everyone coming along on this journey with me.

So, I am going to do my best to just blog about my thoughts, feelings, life in general on a daily basis. I want to have this so my kids will have something to read and see what I went through, what they went through and what we all went through together. It will be hard for me to get myself out of the mindset that when I blog I have to write a whole novel practically but I'll give it a shot!

And game on...

Today was a pretty spectacular day...although I did FORGET to drink my coffee this morning which was devastating when I realized it was sitting unopened in our house and we were in the van on our way to church...DOH! Ah well, what can ya do?

Anyways, today was Taylor's spring concert at our church and she has been dedicated to this performance for the past few months! Every week she was always so excited for practice and couldn't wait for all of us to see her on stage. She forbid us from listening to the CD that they all received to memorize because it needed to be a surprise!! So cute! We would hear tiny bits of her singing along to the music in her room on her iPod but that was about it.

Our little Taylor never ceases to amaze us. We are so proud of her!!!! She always has this "I can do anything attitude" no matter what. I envy that about her and I'm so glad she has that spark her! When I was her age I was HORRIFIED to be a part of anything that required being in front of an audience but she wanted to sing, dance and she even auditioned for a solo part!!! That is way out of MY comfort level and I found myself being scared and nervous for her. Although she didn't get a solo she was still so excited that she was part of this play.

Today was the spring musical and she was up there smiling, grooving, singing and dancing along with the rest of those wonderfully talented children! She rocked it and I admit that I had a tear in my eye! She looked so grown up on that stage and I flashed back to memories of my little 5 pound miracle. She can't be growing up that fast can she??? Man...

On the way out of church Mike and I told her that she did great and that there was no reason to be nervous right? She just looked at us and said "Uh, I wasn't as nervous and you guys this I was you know"...well, ok then! LOL. It was such a relief to hear that!

I smiled so much today, watching the performance, watching Caleb playing peek-a-boo with people through the chairs, watching Rachel wave at Taylor because she was so excited to see her up there and my niece trying so hard to say hi to Taylor whenever she found her again on stage. We then had a GREAT family lunch and it was so awesome seeing all the kids running around together playing and having a fantastic time...I am so glad we live near family and the kids can be close.

Life is so precious and I just smiled at it all today! It felt really, really AMAZING!


  1. Good for you!!!!! Glad you are going to :)
    The concert sounds awesome - she is an amazing kid!!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous time Tracy! Glad you were smiling!
    Best of luck on the blog front. I have to try to update more often as well. It is sometimes hard to do.