Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Week 2 of the lunch hour workouts is in full swing and I was TERRIFIED of the class today...Metabolic Conditioning...good times! They pretty much make you do a ridiculous amount of cardio combined with weight training and it will kick your body into full on fat burning mode for about 36 hours afterwards!! I am ALL over that part of it, but wasn't sure if I would be able to walk myself back to my office after the class.

But my lovely friend Tacy and I rocked it out for sure!!! We conquered that class and need to feel really good about it right now because come tomorrow morning we KNOW that the class will have taken all of the pride from us! And we still have 2 MORE classes this week. I figure by the time Saturday morning hits I am going to be a pile of goo that won't be able to move out of her bed. But I know my WONDERFUL husband will wake up with the kids and let me rest my muscles in the comfort of my nice warm bed... :)

But all in all, I am feeling pretty good. Now if only I could get the snacking thing under control...hmmmm, guess I need to find the old will power to accomplish that task! I am trying not to change EVERYTHING right away because I honestly believe that has contributed to my downfall in the past. There is such a thing called "Too much too soon". We all get overly motivated and immediately want to change everything really quickly and if you are like me, expect results IMMEDIATELY!!! This is so not the case and it takes a ton of work...but results are possible and I just have to keep reminding myself of that!

So, I will continue to dominate my workouts and keep crossing them off my schedule in my office as a little "YAY Me" and move onto the snacking in a little bit...

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