Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lesson of the Day

DON'T SLEEP IN A TODDLER BED!! This should be a no brainer on any given day, but the things we do for our children and to keep them out of our own beds so that our spouses can sleep is really amazing! Caleb woke up last night and instead of bringing him into our bed I just crawled (sort of) into his with him. The rest of the night was both of us banging our heads, arms and legs on hard plastic edges of his car shaped toddler bed which resulted in a BRUTAL sleep for Mom! But at least he didn't win by getting to be in our bed right?? HA! Somehow I still think I'm the big loser in this one! Oh what a sight it must have been to see my legs hanging off the end of it and balancing ever so carefully on the side of it to make sure I didn't disturb his sleep in any way. LOL. As I'm typing this it seems funnier and funnier...ah well, I guess it will be one for the memory books!

Started the crazy exercise classes at work today and boy oh boy the lesson to be learned there is that if you ever need the motivation to get your butt moving, ALWAYS stand in front of the mirrored wall and watch yourself bounce and jiggle in a way that is so not natural it isn't even funny! Wow, what an eye opening experience that was!! LOL. It was like a train was horrible but you just can't stop looking in disbelief! But it prevented me from snacking the rest of the afternoon so that's a victory in itself!

Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow...minus the sleeping in the toddler bed...not recommended at all!!

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