Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Miracles do happen my friends...

...and the miracle that happened to us today was that we actually went to Costco tonight and only bought what we NEEDED!!! I know right? Give ourselves a pat on the back and all that jazz! I was uber impressed with us. The store was pretty much a ghost town, the kids were angels and they got to run some stink off as we accomplished what we set out to do! It just doesn't get much better than that people!! Sometimes it's the little things that make the day so much better!! That and the fact that Mike's back to come along to the store with me with all the kids. That definitely brings my stress level right down.

Like I said in an earlier post...I have a great feeling about this year. Priorities have shifted and so has my outlook on wants vs. needs and I am noticing how much more relaxed I'm becoming...slowly...but it's progress and that's all that matters this early in the new year's game!

Starting tomorrow I am doing an exercise class in my office building over the lunch hours so there is no longer any excuses as to why I'm not fitting in any physical activity. When I get home at night I am so busy doing a million things that there just isn't any time so I figure if I can get it all done over lunch then I'm golden!! I also have a pretty awesome workout partner who will drag me down to that room kicking and screaming if she has to, so that's some pretty great motivation.

Costco miracles, new way of thinking, new goals (or recycled ones from years before)...pretty great start and tons to look forward to...but we're only on day 4! LOL

Oh, and on a side note...another miracle for today is that I've actually done 3 blog posts in a row. WHOO HOO!!!

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