Thursday, November 19, 2009

Be careful what you wish for... know, as a parent sometimes you just wish for 30 minutes to yourself and you hope and pray for those moments...and then you find yourself having time away from your kids for an entire week and all you want is them...we are never happy are we??

Although it would probably be different if I were lounging on a beach somewhere and not in a house alone typing on the computer with latex gloves on!!

Today along with yesterday was a whole lotta nothing really. Oh, but I had a wonderful lunch delivery today so I got to enjoy a chicken quesadilla!! YUMMMM!!

I watched some TV and got caught up on all of my soaps, e-mailed a few people, talked on the phone and anxiously awaited Mike to come over so we could watch Stargate. I know, the fun never ends here people!!

Oh, and just so you can all put the question to, I don't glow in the dark and my pee isn't glowing either...although I wonder if it would if I had a black light? LOL...anywhoo...that's all that's going on here!!!

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  1. make sure you tell us if it is glowing. LOL